The Summer of New Experiences

On the 13th of august 2013, I started an internship with an architect, Derek Trenaman from Ceardean. I couldn’t wait for it! I was only doing it for 3 days but I still couldn’t believe that I was doing an internship.

internship 01

Day 1: I was so excited. Derek took me off to one of his client meetings with a woman who had hurt her leg and needed a bathroom downstairs almost immediately. It was very interesting to see what an architect does and what types of clients they get. After that I drew up lots of different options for the house on what it can look like if they change it. I also had to draw up the existing site plans, which is what the house looks like at the moment. I have to say that on the first day I definitely learned a lot and it was very interesting.

Day 2: the next day we went to a family in South Dublin who basically wanted a bigger and brighter kitchen and a bigger garden. They were very nice people and had 4 quite young children. After that we went back to the office to finish all the site plans and options from the day before. When I finished all of them – with quite a bit of help from Natalia (thank you Natalia!), I went back and scanned them and put them up on Photoshop so I could edit them.  This process improves the plans  so they can actually be handed to clients and used in files!

internship 02

Day 3: I couldn’t believe it was my final day but I have to say, it was the most exciting day. Firstly, Derek took me off to a BNI meeting (a professional networking meeting where businesses meet and refer new business to each other – great idea!), which I actually quite enjoyed. I met so many new and interesting people as well. We went to a lot of different sites and old houses and new houses. It was great fun! I was so sad that it was over though.

If anyone is interested in architecture or interior architectural design I would definitely recommend trying it out. It is great fun, you meet lots of interesting people and work on lots of brilliant houses with clients.  The best thing about it has to be how much an architect can help people to create and enjoy their homes, that must be the best job in the world.

I am so grateful to Derek for the opportunity  – and to Natalia for the patience! – it was an eye-opening experience and has given me lots to think about.



A Summer In The Ocean

When I got back from the Gaeltacht, my mom surprised me with a Mediterranean Cruise! I was so excited. I started my dress-shopping straight away. I couldn’t wait to get on that massive ship. I couldn’t wait to be in the middle of the ocean and in the burning sun (and hopefully no sunburn!). I stocked up on all the swimsuits and dresses and (I think…) too much summer clothes! The night before we left for the cruise, I packed my bag- I only brought a carry-on suitcase. It was stuffed to capacity with all the summer clothes I got!The morning of our flight was the most exciting. We flew into Barcelona on the 26th of July stayed in a gorgeous, fancy hotel. The next day was the planned day to embark the ship. We got a taxi out to the port, and the moment I saw the ship, I really got excited. We embarked about 2-3hrs before we were supposed to, thanks to a very nice man who had to deal with all the international passengers who didn’t speak Spanish. We made it into our cabin and it was absolutely gorgeous! It had a big double bed, a TV, a little table, a dressing table, a wardrobe with shelves and a kind of big bathroom. That evening at 6pm the ship set sail for Tunisia!

All aboard the Sovereign of the Seas!

All aboard the Sovereign of the Seas!

Our first full day on the boat was amazing.

Enjoying the view!

Enjoying the view!

All we did basically was just lie by the pool, ate whenever we wanted and then in the evening, dressed up for a lovely dinner and a live Broadway show (there was one on every night!) The next morning we arrived in Tunisia at approx. 7.30am. We were all put into our tour groups and we disembarked the ship to set foot in Tunisia! It was way too warm-52 degrees. We went all around Tunisia, and we did a bit a shopping. It was a bit scary and the men selling jewellery were quite intimidating. They would drag you into the back of their shops, into a dark room and try to sell you jewellery or dresses for 900 euro each! Personally, I didn’t really like Tunisia because of the heat and the fact that it was very scary. When we got back on the boat, guess what we saw on TV??… All the riots and protests that were going on in Tunisia! Just thinking that we were there while those protests were going on just made it even scarier.

The next day we went to Rome, which included going to the Vatican City. I was so exciting. We went into St. Peters Basilica and did the guided tour around it. I have to say, I fell in love with Rome and can’t wait to go back! I loved walking around the city and going to the colosseum. Our tour guide in Rome was absolutely brilliant. She was so full of information and she was so interested in it, and that just made even better. We got back just in time for dinner and we also got to see the sunset while eating. The next 3 days we basically just did whatever we wanted. We didn’t do any of the guided tours and we could hop on and hop off the boat whenever we liked. We went to Livorno the day after Rome and then Genoa the next.

The final day, it was Nice in South France. We didn’t get off at all there because we lived there for a month in 2008 so we saw no point in getting off the boat. So we spent our last day all on the boat, lounging around the pool. That night I was absolutely stunned that the time had flown by so quickly. I couldn’t believe we were leaving the boat the next morning. When we got off the boat the spent the night in Barcelona and flew home the next day! It was the best holiday ever – I would recommend a cruise to everyone, no matter what age 2-102!

The Summer Of Fun!

The Gaeltacht

Colaiste Na nOilean  Coliste nOillean image

  At the start of the summer, I was allowed a few weeks of R&R (rest & relaxation) and a few lie-ins before heading off to a Gealtacht in Connemara called Colaiste Na nOilean for 10 days. I have to say, I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it actually was. I went with my friend Lorraine, but I also made lots of new friends. I was in a house with 9 other girls including Lorraine. 7 of the girls were from Tullow so they all knew each other and the other but one girl named Ann-Marie came all on her own. I don’t know how she wasn’t nervous!

The next day was our first proper day… We started out with our Irish classes first thing in the morning and we had our usual break and lunch, and in the afternoon we did sports and then went off to a ceilí or disco. On our first day we basically started to get our bearings of the school and the teachers (and the fact that you had to speak Irish all day. If you are caught speaking English you are put on a list and then you are not allowed to go to the ceilí and instead you have an extra Irish class!). The classes were good fun because we just really played games. All the teachers were very nice and good fun- different.

Crowd  I think the worst day of it all was when I ended up in a bicycle sandwich…  I was out cycling with loads of other guys and girls which was great fun and kind of went a tad too fast (trying to beat the boys back to the college)!  We are just cycling back into the college when 5 seconds later I was on the ground with 2 bikes and a guy, Conor, on top of me! You see, Conor almost drove into the back of another guy and then he skidded across the road and bashed into me. I didn’t get terribly injured but Conor did sprain his wrist.

I think the best part of it was definitely the ceilís. You dance with a different person everything night and there is a theme each night with a fashion show. I would absolutely recommend the Gaeltacht to anyone between the ages of 13-18. It was honestly the most fun I have had in ages!

Letter to my imaginary future daughter

how-to-survive-medical-school  Hello everybody,

   Sorry it has been so long since my last post! 

This evening I am posting my English writing assignment – a letter to my imaginary future daughter to give her advice on a significant milestone in her life, I chose the junior cert as I will be facing into this next year… eeek!

Dear Victoria,

As you probably already know, your Junior Cert is quickly approaching and I would just like to give you a bit of advice. Don’t ignore help! If you are like I was when I was your age then you will think that you don’t need any help and that you will get by with just studying. But all the studying in the world will only help you so much. So if anyone offers a helping hand then just reach out and grab it. It can’t hurt! Same goes for your Leaving Cert.

As you know, that when you are in Transition year, they ask what you want to be when you grow up and then put you in work experience for that job. But don’t fret over picking a profession and thinking that you have to stick to it because you have got your whole life ahead you. So change your mind and change it again because nothings permanent. So make as many mistakes as you can! All I would like is for you to grow up doing whatever makes you happy. Just be who you are and people love you!

All my love,

Katie xxx

P.S. Never lose sight of your dreams, go and catch them!