On the 28TH of the 1st 2012 LIVERPOOL beat MAN UTD to become the FA KOP winners. AGGER scored in the 21 min and KUYT in the 88 min both scored for LIVERPOOL. For MAN UTD PARK scored In the 39 min now you know what happened.

West brom 1 vs. Norwich 2

  • Mill wall 1 vs.  Southampton 1
  • Derby 0 vs. Stoke 2
  • Leicester 2  vs. Swindon 0
  • Blackpool 1 vs. Sheff Wed 1
  • Sheff wed United 0 vs. Birmingham 4
  • QPR 0 vs. Chelsea 1



It’s only fair to warn readers in advance – there may not too much balance or fair comments on this site because …


LIVERPOOL FC RULES! (according to Thomas!)


and Chelsea FC aren’t half bad, right Katie?!

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X-box Games


THIS GAME is one of three, and it is a follow up to Saints Row two. It has great music and you can make your own cars, but this game is over 18s so you would have to careful with the graphic images. I played this game in my cousin’s house and it was quite hard to get used to playing this game, the levels were a little hard like every game.




YOU ARE playing as two people Frost and Yuri. Frost is with The Task Force and Yuri is with The SAS and it is the best selling game in XBOX History.



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