The Summer of New Experiences

On the 13th of august 2013, I started an internship with an architect, Derek Trenaman from Ceardean. I couldn’t wait for it! I was only doing it for 3 days but I still couldn’t believe that I was doing an internship.

internship 01

Day 1: I was so excited. Derek took me off to one of his client meetings with a woman who had hurt her leg and needed a bathroom downstairs almost immediately. It was very interesting to see what an architect does and what types of clients they get. After that I drew up lots of different options for the house on what it can look like if they change it. I also had to draw up the existing site plans, which is what the house looks like at the moment. I have to say that on the first day I definitely learned a lot and it was very interesting.

Day 2: the next day we went to a family in South Dublin who basically wanted a bigger and brighter kitchen and a bigger garden. They were very nice people and had 4 quite young children. After that we went back to the office to finish all the site plans and options from the day before. When I finished all of them – with quite a bit of help from Natalia (thank you Natalia!), I went back and scanned them and put them up on Photoshop so I could edit them.  This process improves the plans  so they can actually be handed to clients and used in files!

internship 02

Day 3: I couldn’t believe it was my final day but I have to say, it was the most exciting day. Firstly, Derek took me off to a BNI meeting (a professional networking meeting where businesses meet and refer new business to each other – great idea!), which I actually quite enjoyed. I met so many new and interesting people as well. We went to a lot of different sites and old houses and new houses. It was great fun! I was so sad that it was over though.

If anyone is interested in architecture or interior architectural design I would definitely recommend trying it out. It is great fun, you meet lots of interesting people and work on lots of brilliant houses with clients.  The best thing about it has to be how much an architect can help people to create and enjoy their homes, that must be the best job in the world.

I am so grateful to Derek for the opportunity  – and to Natalia for the patience! – it was an eye-opening experience and has given me lots to think about.



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