Letter to my imaginary future daughter

how-to-survive-medical-school  Hello everybody,

   Sorry it has been so long since my last post! 

This evening I am posting my English writing assignment – a letter to my imaginary future daughter to give her advice on a significant milestone in her life, I chose the junior cert as I will be facing into this next year… eeek!

Dear Victoria,

As you probably already know, your Junior Cert is quickly approaching and I would just like to give you a bit of advice. Don’t ignore help! If you are like I was when I was your age then you will think that you don’t need any help and that you will get by with just studying. But all the studying in the world will only help you so much. So if anyone offers a helping hand then just reach out and grab it. It can’t hurt! Same goes for your Leaving Cert.

As you know, that when you are in Transition year, they ask what you want to be when you grow up and then put you in work experience for that job. But don’t fret over picking a profession and thinking that you have to stick to it because you have got your whole life ahead you. So change your mind and change it again because nothings permanent. So make as many mistakes as you can! All I would like is for you to grow up doing whatever makes you happy. Just be who you are and people love you!

All my love,

Katie xxx

P.S. Never lose sight of your dreams, go and catch them!


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