Teenage Dreams Become Real Life

The youngest girl ever to performing at London fashion week in the music industry!!!

As I was  reading through a teen magazine recently called ‘Shout’, I came across a truly fascinating article. A 16 year old girl, Misty Miller, is taking part in London fashion week  – but in the music industry!

Misty has been in the music industry since she was 10 when she used to play alongside  her two brothers. She tried to play the guitar and piano, but it wasn’t until she started playing the ukulele that she really got into song writing and playing solo. The ukulele is a small, four-stringed guitar that has a really nice Hawaiian sound.

She played her first proper gig when she was 14. A jazz musician heard her music and asked her if she wanted to support for 2 nights in Paris.

When she got back from Paris, she set off for London. She had a gig on in the Burberry store in convent garden

A while after that she sang at London fashion week! She was wearing a gorgeous Burberry dress and she got to keep it! She signed up with PRS For Music about a year ago.

In August, PRS For Music held a Class Of 2011 event to recognise and celebrate the UK’s most promising and highest earning young performers, which included Misty!

Misty Miller


Misty’s advice:

My advice to anyone who wants to have a career in music would be to just keep doing it and enjoy it. Keep playing live a lot as it helps you to meet people who can help you. Also getting your music out there is important, so getting in YouTube and Facebook is vital if you want to make it.”


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