A hip guide to modern wicca:

Some say that you have to be born a witch-a witch cannot be made. I disagree. In our society, where the majority of alternative spirituality is hushed or treated with derision and scepticism, it can be hard to hear your inner calling.

Spells: spell boundaries

Casting circles and making your own sacred space

Before you can do any magickal work- ritual, healing, spellcasting- you need first to create sacred. To do this witches cast a circle  between the worlds in which to formally worship our deities and conduct magickal workings. Circle casting is one of the most fundamental rituals a new witch can learn as a sacred circle plays a major role in containing and intensifying magickal energies, as well as keeping out potential unwanted nasties like hostile psychic entities and negative energies(unless you invite them of course!).


Wicca Symbols


Wicca girl